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Tax Law & Tax Litigation

FALG’s tax attorneys are experienced in international, federal, and state and local taxation.  All FALG tax attorneys hold a Master of Laws in Taxation, and are admitted to practice before the U.S. tax court.

FALG’s tax attorneys regularly engage in matters involving business and entity formation, general business transactions, business structuring, succession planning, planned gifting, reorganizations, and mergers and acquisitions.

FALG is set apart from most other boutique firms by our international tax experience, which enables us to assist our clients in developing and implementing real-world strategies and solutions to minimize global tax liability.

At FALG, tax attorneys are also business attorneys, and understand that tax planning should rarely, if ever, be considered in a vacuum.  We understand that effective tax planning must fit within each client’s unique circumstances.  In this regard, clients engaged in tax planning often receive the unexpected benefit of individualized personal and business planning.

We realize that sometimes not all tax issues can be prevented therefore FALG provides tax litigation services.  Our attorneys are experienced in all areas of dispute resolution with respect to both corporate and individual tax payers at both the federal and state level.  

We take a strategic and practical approach to resolve the issues effectively and efficiently to help minimize the tax controversies of our clients.

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